Cops must probe leaders under probe

Letters, Normal

THE assassination attempt on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek is the manifestation of corruption getting out of hand.
I call on the RPNGC to probe those currently under investigation by the Ombudsman Commission.
The citizens of PNG want to know why an attempt was made on the life of someone who represents the silent majority.
Our brothers and sisters in remote areas are deprived of services and infrastructure because of corruption.
The OC should start naming leaders under investigations and refer them to the police prosecutor.
A new era has dawned and it is for the worse as we can now expect copycats.
For a start, a forensics team, bring one in from overseas if we do not have one, must identify the owner of the gun from the bullets recovered.
People who plan assassinations or fund them do so because their “golden goose” is threatened.
They kill to create fear so they can remain in control.


John Lomew