Cops not paid allowance, not given food


POLICE hunting down wanted criminal Tommy Baker and his gang members in Alotau are complaining of not being paid allowances or provided food.
Provincial police commander Superintendent Peter Barkie said police team from Port Moresby who arrived in April were yet to be paid their allowances.
“Since the mobile squad and detectives came from Port Moresby in April, they have not got their allowances,” he said.
“The Government is not supporting them despite announcing a K2.2 million to fund the 60-day operation which will end on Friday (July 2).
“These policemen are scavenging for food and even the provincial government is not supporting them.” He also said rented accommodations they were living in had not been paid too.
“Soon they will be evicted onto the streets,” he said.
Supt Barkie said the accommodation bill had gone up to K177,960.
He also said Baker’s gang members were coming out out of their hiding places looking for food from their families in Alotau town.
“One went to his parent’s house on Sunday to look for food.
“We got tipped off and arrested him. He attempted to escape and was shot.
“He is now at the Alotau General Hospital.”

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