Cops on a rampage destroy community

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A COMMUNITY residing around the Gordon area opposite Afford Lodge was stunned with the arrival of policemen whom they said allegedly destroyed their food gardens and homes in Port Moresby yesterday.
“This community houses Government officers, including nurses, teachers, retired police officers, NCDC workers and many from various walks of lives,” community leader David John said.
He indicated that they were unhappy with the manner conducted by those who went ahead and destroyed their food gardens and homes without issuing a further notice for them to move out before proceeding with what they did.
He said the community, numbering more than 500 people, also lived, earned and made their living through the consumption and sale of the destroyed items that included betelnut, fruits and vegetables they sold at the nearby Gordon market.
Mr John, who claimed to be one of the longest-staying residents in the area for more than 10 years, said the nearby areas were unsafe prior to them settling in the area.
He also pointed out that the area was known for its criminal ailments until they moved in.
The community has a combination of Southern Highlanders, Eastern Highlanders, Simbu, New Guinea Islanders and several Central families.
Mr John said they would be taking legal action against those concerned.