Cops ransacked my shop, says Gerehu resident

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The National – Friday, December 31, 2010

 CHRISTMAS is a time to be merry but for a small business man from Tari, his Christmas celebration turned out to be a misfortune. 

James Hengebe, who owns a trade store at Gerehu Stage 2, alleged that a group of policemen, on patrol in the area on Christmas Eve, had entered his trade store and allegedly stole a substantial amount of money. 

Hengebe said the policemen allegedly broke the chain to his gate and entered the store, threatened the storekeeper and left with the money. 

“The money was for  four days’ takings,” he said. 

He said the policemen did not explain their actions.

Hengebe claimed to have filed a police complaint and the matter had been listed down for investigation.

Attempts to get comments from the Gerehu police were unsuccessful.