Cops sent to ease tension after fighting

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013


POLICE in Maprik, East Sepik, have been deployed to fighting zone areas in Nigalimbi, Elaita and Mamalimbi villages in the Bubita-Muhan local level government.

Police station commander Richard Rafa said officers had been sent to establish peace and monitor the situation.

Rafa said the fighting erupted two weeks ago following a land dispute between the three villages.

“This land issue is an ongoing issue that has been going on for more than eight years now,” he said.

“People within these fighting zone areas are now more free to move around, especially mothers going to the gardens as well as doing other things.” 

Rafa said he would be working with the district administrator as well as with the senior district magistrate to go back to the district land court decision in 1983.

He said that was to find out if an appeal had been made to the National Court on the land issue.

“After collecting all the information we will be in a better position to find ways to resolve this problem.”

He said while police were already in the fight zone they would investigate the people involved in the killing of two men two weeks ago.

He said the two deceased were burning a primary school classroom when they were attacked and killed.

He said arrests would be made after peace was established.

Rafa said in another killing, a husband killed his wife from Yenigo village two weeks ago.

In other reports, a Papindo Supermarket vehicle was held up at Warabung last Tuesday morning.

Police said five men armed with sharp objects took almost K60,000.

Police have arrested two suspects and Rafa is calling on business houses in Maprik to ask for a police escort when travelling to Wewak with large sums of money.

Polling in Maprik started last Monday and was going smoothly.