Cops suspended for failing duty

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MADANG commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang has suspended a group of Walium Highway Patrol 14 policemen for failing to perform their duty.
A vehicle travelling from Madang to Mt Hagen went off the road at Naru on the highway between Walium and Madang.
Supt Rubiang said a passenger died in the accident and the vehicle was set ablaze by opportunists after the policemen left.
“The policemen had left an accident scene when they should have remained to investigate,” he said.
“I had instructed the policemen to be at the scene to assist the passenger but after arriving at the scene, they left.
“I am upset with my men because a passenger had died and it was our duty to protect lives and properties. I instructed them to provide security at the scene but they left and it was burned.”
Supt Rubiang said road accidents were happening daily and people were losing their lives due to careless driving.
He said Madang’s crime rate was also going from bad to worse with daily armed robberies reported.
“We are trying our best to respond with the very limited resources that we have. There were more than five armed robberies reported over the weekend,” he said.