Cops told to find killers fast

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A TEAM of forensic specialists and detectives specialising in organised crime investigations have been told to “get to the bottom” of the killing of businessman Wong Tee Tee last week.
The forensic specialists and Criminal Investigation Department officers have been told by NCD metropolitan commander Supt Joseph Tondop to arrest those involved in the killing of Wong, the manager of Tango Trading supermarket in Port Moresby.
Tondop said the method used in the killing was something new and he wanted to know who were behind it.
“This is a direct threat to our citizens.
“We cannot allow gangsters to terrorise us and roam around freely.”
He said though police had no leads to Wong’s alleged killers, they would use all available resources to track down whoever were responsible.
“I appeal to the residents of Hohola, particularly those who may have some information about the killing, to come to my office or contact me,” Tondop said.
He said the brutal killing of Wong painted a bad picture for investors and business houses who operated businesses in the country or were planning to set up  businesses here.
He urged people who might have some information on the incident but, for some reason, decline to let the police know, to come forward.
He said the vehicle used by Wong’s alleged killers was a stolen one and was recovered at a location in Hohola which he did not want to disclose.
He said Wong’s vehicle and the one used by his attackers were at the forensic office in Gordon undergoing examination.