Coral Sea Hotels unveils new units

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The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PAPUA NEW Guinea’s largest hotel chain, the Coral Sea Hotels, has opened its brand new K60 million developments at the Ela Beach and Gateway hotels and apartments.
 The Ela Beach hotel and apartments boast 42 brand-new premier suites, which consist of hotel suites, kitchen suites and spa suites designed for business or leisure travellers.
General manager Glen Murphy said the new facilities included a gymnasium, lap pool, spa, and board room with library and internet facilities.
With secure undercover parking, the property offers the latest in luxury accommodation, Murphy said.
He said the current development in Port Moresby and the rest of the group had been spurred by the rise in the economy.
Murphy said the lift in business had  encouraged Steamships to invest in these expansions and refurbishments.
“Coral Sea Hotel’s target is its current network of corporate clients and conference delegates. 
“The result of these refurbishments and an upgrade in service due to extensive training has shown the flow of strong and loyal customers remaining and retuning to our hotels,” he added.
The Gateway Hotel and apartments located at 7-Mile overlooking the Jackson international airport has also opened doors to its brand-new state of the art facility.