Corrupt culture thrives in Education Dept

Letters, Normal

THE Education Department at Fincorp Haus is not helping teachers in the country.
It took me almost two months to get my entitlements.
The paperwork and procedures were not a problem but it was the lack of commitment and dedication by the officials that dragged the matter on.
While there, I was surprised to see a lot of hanky-panky deals going on between the officers and teachers to fast track their files and process them while those who prefer to deal above board were left unattended.
Teachers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as they educate the people of this nation.
Many teachers are from the rural areas.
Port Moresby is an expensive to stay and their meager resources do not allow them to stay long.
I call on the Education Minister to do something to improve work ethics and get rid of the corrupt culture among the officers.


Anona Iyampon