Corruption and nation building


I CONCUR with Justice Oagile Betheul Dingake’s statement on corruption in the country as reported in The National (Aug 13).
He said that people can pass laws to reduce crimes and corruption but if we do not educate people to depart from crime and corruption we will not succeed.
I believe his statement is true and we should eduicate people about corruption and its ill effects.
Corruption is a curse which affects the economic stability, wealth and development of our country.
Papua New Guinea is now into its 43rd year of independence but corruption is also growing as the country gets older.
Corruption is deeply rooted and eating into the fabric of society, according to Justice Dingake.
One way in which we can fight corruption is to teach it in schools so that children may know what it is and how it affects our national-building efforts. Such a curriculum should have a strong emphasis on ethics and good governance.


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