Corruption exists in PNG churches


CORRUPTION exists in Papua New Guinea churches and ministries.
I understand if this statement sparks resentment from people but we need to ask ourselves about how many lies we told under the pretext of Christianity and doing what is right by God.
I believe the problems our country face are a physical manifestation of what’s happening in our churches.
Corruption, murder, thievery and other forms of evil deeds happen because our churches aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do.
Pastors, priests and church leaders are busy living comfortable lives and favouring those who sow more in their lives instead of giving attention to the poor, the sick and those who are mentally ill.
Some let their children and those close to them influence their decisions.
Others value recognition and approval over doing God’s work.
Sometimes, their decisions contradict what is written in the Bible.
Our prayer warriors are busy praying against those they don’t like.
Congregations don’t know how to live peacefully among each other despite their differences.
Tell me if this is different from our parliamentarians and bureaucrats.
It’s simple, follow the “rule book” (constitution/Bible) at all times.
If you step out of the guidelines, you’re corrupt, period.
Corruption exists in other countries’ churches as well.
Many preachers become wealthy from the tithes and investments from their congregations without effecting change in societies.
We talk a lot about corruption and spend our resources on preventing it but nothing seems to work.
Why don’t we stop and take a look at what causes corruption?
When it comes to corruption, people look at big signs such as suspicious procurements and problems in decision making.
What we fail at times to understand is that corruption exists where there are no real values.
Corruption exists where there is no selfless love.
If you want to be a pastor, leader or a politician, there is no room to be selfish.
Being in a position of trust and authority requires one to be selfless. Corruption exists where there is no love.
Instead of spending money on getting rid of corruption, let’s teach our children values of love, peace and caring for one another.

Believer of Love

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