Corruption is becoming a norm in PNG

Letters, Normal

THE lack of Government services in rural villages has resulted in the complete breakdown of law and order problems with an escalation in violent crimes.
Tribal fights and payback killings are very common with sorcery and witchcraft-related killings increasing.
The Government seems to only care about what is going on at Waigani and does not have the time for the rural people.
In cities and towns, squatter settlements are mushrooming, becoming breeding grounds for street mangis looking for any opportunity to survive.
Taking another person’s life is like survival of the fittest as long as they get to live for another day.
There is no control over the influx of illegal immigrants into the country, taking away business and employment opportunities.
Worse than that, there is a rise in the smuggling of counterfeit goods into the country.
The number of illegal businesses (brothels, pornographic movies and gambling) has increased dramatically over the years.
On the other hand, the PNG Government accepts them as part of the civilisation process.
When you start looking into these problems, you become aware that corruption plays a direct and prominent role in many of the problems the country is now facing.
Corruption is a serious problem and it is slowly creeping into the homes of many Papua New Guineans, escalating the deteriorating human values and morals.
It is becoming acceptable as a norm and a traditional way of doing things.
Corruption is a grave threat and a serious concern for the future of this country.
The Government needs to do more to save this country.


Lucas Kiap
Port Moresby