Corruption is everywhere


THIS is my personal view in regards to the very thing that is eating away at our country, from Parliament to the villages – corruption.
Firstly, what causes corruption?
Corruption is simply caused by denying ungodlines and speaking lies and intentionally lusting after evil things.
In our time today, those dishonest leaders and bureaucrats do not physically die, but something within them dies silently – their conscience chokes, character withers, self-respect vanishes and integrity dies out.
The torrent of dishonest pours aggressively and grows its roots in volume amongst the leaders on a huge scale.
All sorts of forged documents and padded claims and expense accounts and bogus checks are all symptomatic of an epidemic of unbelievable proportions.
Dishonest and selfish leaders can not abstain from desires of the flesh – both physical and emotional.
They continue their official corruption by colluding and compromising to steal or gain something that they are not entitled to.
Therefore, without setting high standards of individual conduct and not showing quality character in our managerial leadership, the fabric of our society will disintegrate into ugliness and chaos – which is happening at this very moment.

J.Mike Lucien
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