Cost of damage to NDB branch ‘substantial’

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

THE cost of damage to the National Development Bank branch in Mt Hagen caused during a riot last week is “substantial”, managing director Moses Liu says.
He said the bank’s new building had just been opened over a month ago. The estimated cost of repairs is still being worked out. Liu condemned the actions of those involved in damaging the bank’s building and other business premises and properties in the city.
He said the irresponsible and thoughtless behaviour and disregard for public and private properties should be condemned by the city authority and the people in the province.
“Property destruction is a criminal offence that should not be condoned,” Liu said.
“Nothing is achieved from the destruction of these buildings and properties except hefty maintenance bills and a negative perception on the city, province and region as a whole by potential investors.”
He said there were peaceful ways to express views rather than resorting to violence and absolute disregard for the business houses that provide essential services to the city, province and the region.