Costigan drives MVIL message

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A PUBLIC Motor Vehicle (PMV) drivers’ competition was launched yesterday as part of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited’s (MVIL) campaign to promote better driving.
The aim of the campaign is to deliver this awareness initiative through the use of the country’s most popular sport – rugby league.
Officially here in the country to launch the competition was Australian National Rugby League star, Neville Costigan.
Costigan said rugby league is a great tool to be used in the country especially because of the passion and the popularity the game has here.
He said he was quite proud of the initiative and would keep in touch with the competition throughout the year along with the other NRL players in fellow Kumul Paul Aiton, Manly’s Anthony Watmough, recently retired Wendell Sailor and Kiwi superstar Benji Marshall.
Costigan was keen to share that his family and the other players had shown support for the initiative and were looking forward to taking 15 winners to witness the NRL grand final at the end of this year. As rugby league is taken very passionately in PNG the Managing Director of the PMA Communications Group, Paul McCarthy, said that the medium used through rugby league would be the “hero device” to reach the people therefore awareness campaigns using some of NRL’s superstars and the NRL Footy Show would be a significant driver behind this campaign.
The first PMV driver to register in the competition, Thomas Tari, was all smiles when meeting Costigan who did the initial pasting of the stickers on his vehicle.
Tari said that he was an avid follower of rugby league in PNG and in Australia and with Costigan in front of this campaign he said that he would keenly follow the St George Dragons this year to back Costigan and the campaign.