Council criticises MP’s comments

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THE Family Sexual Violence Action Council has criticised Moresby North-East MP Andrew Mald for encouraging violence against female family members.
It described Mald’s comments, as reported in the Post Courier yesterday, as “totally irresponsible and unbecoming of a leader”.
In his New Year resolution, Mald had reportedly said if any of the female member of his family were seen enjoying themselves outside, she should be sent “to the ICU” (Intensive Care Unit).
He added that he would give K2,000 to any person who assaulted the female member.
“No responsible leader would make such a New Year resolution,” the council said in a statement.
“We condemn the declaration.”
The council said all Papuan New Guineans, both male and female, had every right “to do anything and everything within reason and this includes the choice of movement”.
It said whether a woman was a man’s wife or sister, she had the basic right to do what she wished.
“Even if Mr Mald is the leader in his own household, he has no authority to claim such inhumane behaviour as to call on his extended family and clansmen to exercise such tyranny over the women in his household.
“Even more absurd is to have the assailants paid K2,000 for committing such horrendous assaults.”
The council said Mr Mald should make New Year resolutions based on positive projects he could deliver to his electorate.
“He should not promote assault on women in general, even if he claims he has rights or authority over his womenfolk within the confines of his own home,” it said.
The Council reminded Mr Mald that he was not only a leader of his family, but of the constituency which elected him.