Council members clean up city, condemn littering

Members of the Hagen Central Youth Development Council cleaning the Enga bus stop yesterday – Nationalpic by ELIAS LARI

MEMBERS of the Hagen Central youth development council have cleaned up the city and hope to keep it that way by condemning littering, drinking in public places and petty crimes.
They want to see their voluntary clean-a-thon programme work in tandem with eradication of disorder in the city where people can feel safe again.
The youths come from the 48 wards in both Hagen rural and urban local level governments and their work is supported by Mapai Transport that donated a truck to help them.
Youth council chairman Philip Mumukri said the programme would continue as Mt Hagen was the business centre for the Highlands and order had been missing there for a long time.
He said after seeing the problematic side of the city, the youths decided to put in the effort.
Mumukri said people should not sit down and wait on the government when they were capable of fixing little things they had now.
“The Hagen district youth council will not collect tax from vendors after taking part in this clean-a-thon programme, it won’t happen,” he said.
“This council is only doing what it can to help protect the city from every bad happenings that are taking place.”
Mumukri said there were many areas to cover, and this was the start after they launched the youth council in July.
“Next time, we will be flooding the streets with our colours so that the public read us and see what we are trying to do.”
Mumukri urged the public to mind their behaviour and attitude in public places.
“We are also condemning drinking in public places and pickpocketing and other crimes which are unhealthy,” he said.