Council reappoints education adviser

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 STANLEY Maip has been re-appointed the Western Highlands education adviser.

The provincial executive council re-appointed him following a dispute last year over the appointments of Maip and Joe Yaga to the post.

The Mt Hagen National Court had revoked Maip’s appointment earlier this year. 

It revoked Maip’s appointment because of the composition of the board and that it was not properly consulted.

Maip was reappointed on Oct 28.

Maip said education should be the number one priority for the province.

“I want to assure the teachers, school boards, students and parents that my appointment is to address education matters in the province which was stopped by differences over my appointment,” he said.

He said things would work better when there was unity, cooperation and sharing of ideas.

Provincial education minister Michael Mai confirmed that the swearing-in of the new board took place on Oct 15, with Maip as the provincial education adviser.