Councillor arrested for beheading man

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A COUNCILLOR, who beheaded a man over a pig’s head, was arrested last Thursday and charged with murder by Wabag police.
Provincial police commander Supt Michael Chare told The National last Friday from Wabag that the incident occurred last Wednesday afternoon in Akom village at the Wabag-Wapenamanda border
Supt Chare said the councillor, Nita Yange, from the Wapukin clan in the Wapenamanda district was under the influence of alcohol and demanded that other clans slaughtered some pigs in Akom village for distribution and that he be given a pig’s head.
“By the time the councillor returned to Wapenamanda with some of his boys, the pigs had been slaughtered and the meat was distributed among the people at the feast.
He then told his boys to grab a pig’s head for him but was told that all pork, including the heads, had been distributed.
“He became very upset and mobilised his boys to chase the people at the party with bush knives.
“The councillor then chopped the neck of a man and further cut his body,” he said.
Supt Chare identified the victim as Kaki Kuku from the Sikin clan.
He said the councillor was arrested last Thursday and charged in the Wabag District Court last Friday.
He was denied bail.
Supt Chare condemned the killing and appealed to the Sikin clan not to retaliate.
“It’s an alcohol-related problem.
“There is no need for anyone to take the law into his own hands,” he said.
Meanwhile, Supt Chare said another councillor from the Puman clan in Wabag district, who allegedly killed the driver of the provincial administrator during a drinking brawl last year, was still at large.
“We conducted an early morning operation last Thursday but some of the councillor’s tribesmen saw us and alerted him to flee his home.”
Supt Chare promised that “sooner or later, they will nab him”.