Councillor calls for probe into Sialum administration

Lae News, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010


A COUNCILLOR in Sialum sub-district of Tewai-Siassi is calling for an immediate investigation into the operations of his council’s administration.

Ward three councillor for Sialum, Teddy Moses said since last year, there have not been any proper assembly meetings for the council.

He said under the constitution, there had to be four assembly meetings in a year.

“So far this year, we had only one,” he said. 

He said there were not any induction workshop for newly-elected ward councillors for 2008 although K4,000 had been approved for the workshop.

“While Wasu and Siassi had theirs, we did not,” he said.

He added that the councillors did not know the procedures to follow because of the lack of an induction course.

He called on the deputy provincial administrator for district services, provincial adviser for LLG councils and district administrator for Tewai-Siassi to conduct an immediate investigation into the Sialum council administration.

He said there were also many unspent project funds for 2008 and last year and they did not know their whereabouts.

Moses said the K17,000 for the mini-hydro at Kanome, Tewai-Siassi district headquarters, had gone missing.