Councillor, court officials want overdue payments


Ward councillors and villager court officials in Bogia district in Madang are threatening to sue the Government if their promised salaries are not settled before the 2018 local level government election.
The 91 ward councillors and 20 village court officers expressed concern over the delay in payment of their salaries since 2013.
Yawar LLG finance executive Charles Khom said each of the 91 ward councillors were owed more than K18,000.
Village court representative James Yage said each officer were owed K15,000 backdated to 2014 when a decision was made to put them on Government payroll.
“We have the LLG election in six months time,” Khom said.
“Some of us will be re-elected while some of us wont, so we deserve what’s due to us in time before the election.
“As mandated leaders, we are in the front line to solve problems within our communities.”

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