Councillor encourages soccer teams in Markham


TEAMS competing in a week-long soccer tournament at Guruf village in the Onga Waffa local-level government area of Markham, have been encouraged to play in the spirit of true sportsmanship.
This remark was made by Umi Atzera Ward 17 councillor Tom Francis in the presence of Garam Gaung tournament director Kima Paul Kilau and Morobe community development program adviser Kiun Kimbing on Monday.
He told the 34 men’s and six women’s teams that the tournament would not have been possible without their participation.
Francis said the tournament was for a good cause which was to raise funds to complete the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea’s Guruf Parish building.
He urged the teams to play good football as they had the opportunity to reach another level and play overseas with the sport now being commercialised.
Francis said such tournament could help unearth and develop talented footballers.
“Markham has the potential,” he said.
“We are the best as we have the height and speed.
“These are good traits for soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball and rugby league.
“But negligence by us, leaders, has denied our sportsmen and women from achieving their goals.
“My challenge to the players is to be sober in your mind and play in the spirit of true sportsmanship.
“When you discipline yourself in such tournaments, you will go places.”