Councillor gets priorities all wrong

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the last paragraph of a recent news report “Good news for NA”.
It stated: “…We want National Alliance to dominate all the four seats including Anglimp- South Waghi electorate, North Waghi electorate, Jimi electorate and the Jiwaka provincial seat after the 2012 elections because this will make the party executives at the National level happier”
So Cr Allan Mcwiden, have you for a moment thought about making the poor people of Jiwaka happier too?
Our poor people are crying for basic goods and services to be delivered to them.
The Somare-led Government has been in power since 2002 but it has done nothing to ensure basic goods and services reach the remote parts of Jiwaka like Jimi.
It seems Mr Mcwiden does not understand the role of a leader.
He is more concerned with making his bosses happy at the expense of the people.
Shame on you, Mcwiden. – Kopun Jimi Port Moresby