Councillor: Kopiago has no services

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 Kopiago government station has no signs of government services, a local level government councillor says.

Tom Pakale, Ward 18 councillor of Kopiago station, in the Koroba Lake Kopiago district, Hela, said he did not understand why his area was without any services.

“Kopiago station covers seven ethnic groups who speak different languages namely Duna, Hewa, Pokaye, Sinali, Hakala, Yeruh and Karugah. The population  is more than 23,000 as per the common roll of the recent local level government elections,” Pakale said.

“Kopiago government station is a ‘cowboy’ hide-out. The colonial police station is abandoned, with no police presence in my area. The rural airstrip is now covered with tall shrubs and bushes,” Pakale said.

He said only the Horale and Aluni Aid posts were operating with only four community health workers servicing the population of Kopiago.