Councillor: Polling fine in Hagen

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013


A COUNCILLOR contesting the Hagen presidential seat in Western Highlands says they did not encounter any problems during the local level government elections.

Cr Jacob Kop was responding to a statement by the Electoral Commission that it will consider cancelling the elections in some LLGs in Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Southern Highlands.

This follows reports of election-related problems, including the destruction of ballot boxes and other illegal practices.

However, Kop urged the commission to be careful because some of the LLGs were into the counting stage. He said the election in Hagen Rural was peaceful.

Kop said candidates had spent millions of kina and resources to fund their election campaign.

“There was no major election related problems in Hagen rural. Polling and campaign were done peacefully and we are into counting now,” Kop said.

He said there were minor hiccups but these were usual in every election.

“I have no idea why the electoral commission is considering cancelling the election in parts of the highlands. Compared to the national election, this is much better. .

“We spent millions of kina in this election and if the electoral commission makes the move then who will refund us?” he asked.