Councillor vows water, power supply for Ahi

National, Normal

The National, Monday August 5th, 2013


NEW female councillor for the Ahi local level government ward 11 Daisy Fege wants to power-up all zones in her ward and connect them to a central water supply network. 

Fege’s vision is to power-up settlements at Malahang Industrial, Raicoast compound, Malahang Tech, Besta and Yanga village who have gone without a ward councillor in the past four years.

Fege, a former laboratory technician, said she would work closely with Ahi LLG president Sam Agi to hookup the different zones to the central water and electricity supply network.

She would work to address issues facing youths and women.

The last councillor, Vincent Nick, died during his term in office but no by-election was called for the ward.

Fege was retrenched in 2010 after serving the Angau Memorial Hospital for more than 30 years. 

She had been running a small food bar at Malahang while living in her village with her husband and four children when youths and women in her community asked her to contest. 

She said she was assured of their support and stood in a field of six candidates, five of whom were male. She won with 250 votes. 

New Lae lord mayor Koim Trilue urged former mayor James Khay to respect the democratic process.

“The people of this city have spoken thorough the ballot and you, as a leader, must respect that,” he said.

It is understood Khay is initiating court proceedings in Lae to dispute Trilue’s win and is adamant that he will remain in office until the court makes a decision.