Councillors blamed for lack of services

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HIGHLANDS and Momase regional coordinator for democratic governance, Francis Kup says goods and services will only reach people if the councillors come up with ward development plans.
Democratic governance is a programme funded by AusAID to deliver basic services to the people in the country.
Mr Kup said the failure of goods and services to reach the people were due to the councillors.
“A small crowd gathered at Warakar last Friday in the Banz district during a grant agreement signing between AusAID and the Jiwaka people for road maintenance.
“Many councillors are illiterate and don’t know how to come up with their own ward development plan for their respective local level government councils, the district and provincial plan.
“Councillors are the third arm of the Government but since many don’t know how to draw up ward developments plans and seek funding from their local MPs, there are hardly any services reaching the people,” he said.
Mr Kup said the National Government had allocated plenty of money under various programmes like the district service improvement programme (DSIP), district road improvement programme, rehabilitation education sector improvement, council grants and others.
“There is money to bring goods and services to the people but there are no ward development plans. MPs normally engaged consultants to draw up district plans without realising the real needs of the people in every council ward,” he said.
He said the people knew the amount given to their MPs for DSIP but did not know where the money went to.