Councillors retain seats

National, Normal

The National, Friday June 21st, 2013


SIX ward councillors in the Usino local level government in Madanghave retained their seats unopposed.

They are Simon Minato of Ward Eight, Simon Banaba of Ward Nine, Inia Kapson of Ward 19, Irimarip Nekeip of Ward 22, Yamsa Irimoripa of Ward 28 and Bob Sigasi of Ward 32. It is the second time Kapson has retained his seat unopposed while Irimoripa is serving a third term as councillor.

“I thank our people from the six ward areas for returning us unopposed because they see us as transparent leaders,” Irimoripa said.

Usino LLG president and Madang Deputy Governor Bob Wati said the six were honest and transparent in their leadership qualities.

“When there’s money or no money for projects, they tell their people straight and maintain the trust people have in them,” Wati said.

Wati is facing 27 candidates challenging his post but he told reporters on Tuesday that he was confident of defending the LLG and deputy governor’s seat.

He plans to complete unfinished projects such as the Usino-Yal Madang national road plus the feeder roads from Uriato Mopo and Begesin to Girawa.