Councillors told to provide useful ideas

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

THE chief executive officer of Rigo district Magini Raga, has called on councillors in the district to provide constructive ideas to develop the district and not make unfounded allegations and comments against the local MP’s office and district administration.
Raga made this statement after seeing reports in one of the dailies regarding concerns raised by a councillor who claimed that the newly opened Kwikila Health Centre did not have sufficient drugs to serve patients.
He said these claims were made by a ward councillor who has been away from duties from his ward and never showed up at  Kwikila station to see for himself what was currently happening at the newly built health centre.
Raga explained that as a local and being based at Kwikila station, he checked the health centre, police station, the high school and other sectors in the district administration daily to ensure all was well and services were provided to the people of Rigo.
According to Raga the report published in one of the dailies degraded the district administration and the office of Rigo MP and Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Ano Pala.
He said the councillor should get his facts and figures right before going out to the media to tarnish the reputation of Rigo district administration and the MP’s office.
“I am the man on the ground and I do my routine checks every morning in all the sectors in the district administration,” he said.
“If things are not done according to the plans and schedules as they are supposed to I take necessary actions to correct the system.
Pala also said there were systems in place and officers have been appointed to do their jobs diligently.
He said officers such as the provincial health team and district health administration together with the district chief executive officer were very committed and have been doing a great job to serve the people.