Councillors want answers on allowances

Momase, Normal

A GROUP of local level government (LLG) councillors in East Sepik are calling on authorities to explain why their allowances for the past 12 months have not been paid.
Daniel Holonga Ward 7 councillor of Wewak rural LLG, and Willy Marain and Joe Bunat of Wewak Island LLG told The National yesterday the councillors were still waiting for their outstanding allowances.
Holonga said that the councillors in the province had not been paid anything this year and for the last four months last year.
“How come there is been no allowance for the whole year?” Holonga said.
“At the moment, we councillors are doing our duties as if it were charity work,” Holonga said.
He said a lot of community and social problems that councillors usually attend to were piling up as councillors try to provide basic needs for their families as well as attending to their duties.
“My question is: Where are the funds for the councillors’ allowances?
“Is it possible that the funds have been diverted?” Holonga asked.