Councillors want early elections

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The National, Friday July 20th, 2012

A GROUP of councillors in Tewai-Siassi’s Sialum local level government area, in Morobe, have called on the Electoral Commission and the government to put forward the election of heads of third-tier government.
Ward Three councillor Teddy Moses said he spoke on behalf of the other 18 councillors in calling for an early election, especially in the district, because Sialum had a non-functional LLG under president Seket Manasing.
Moses claimed since 2008, there had been no proper LLG meetings and he feared how Manasing might spend the 2012 LLG grants.
“The administration at Sialum is not performing and is not bothered about their motions, and we are especially concerned about the land and physical infrastructure funds,”
Moses said.
He said since the last election, countless appeals had been made to the authorities in the provincial administration to take action of the ineffectiveness of the Sialum LLG but they had never received a satisfactory response or see any positive steps taken.
Their hope was now on early elections.