Counsellors offered diploma programme

Youth & Careers

By Glenda Awikiak
Papua New Guinea counsellors will now be certified and qualified for the job, says an official.
PNG Counsellors’ Association officer Susan Setae said a diploma programme will be offered to counsellors next month at the Asia-Pacific Training College in Port Moresby.
Setae said this was a four-block course that would run from next month to October 2019.
“We are working together with the APTC in developing this material by providing materials and information relevant to PNG context,” Setae said.
“We are also working on identifying which institutions we would place the training at once we roll out the training.”
Setae said currently there were only a few counsellors operating without proper certification and qualifications.
She said those officers were operating as “barefoot counsellors” trying to help people manage their day-to-day issues.
“Life is full of anxiety, stress and problems,” Setae said.
“We need people who can provide this service to help others live a better life.
“Many people cannot manage or deal with their own problems and need established and certified groups or people to help them.”
She said having an established body with certified people would allow people to access counselling services.
PNG Counsellors’ Association is a legal body that provides avenue for training by different groups. It ensures programmes are administered well.
It started in 2008 and was registered with the Investment Promotion Authority in 2016.

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