Counterfeit goods


I WRITE in regard to The National’s supplement on Friday (July 12) on counterfeit.
Most of the stores in Papua New Guinea are run and own by foreigners.
I wonder how these goods are imported into Papua New Guinea. Almost everything on the shelf are fake, even the food that is sold in foreign owned shops.
My questions are:

  • Is PNG Customs doing its job?
  • do the foreigners pay tax?
  • why these foreigners forging the original brand logos and colours?
  • does PNG have an authority (health inspectors) to check in the food bars and restaurants run by foreigners? and,
  • Why is the government issuing trade license to companies which distribute counterfeit goods?

Everything seems to be similar comparing the original with the fake goods so what most people especially buyers compare is price rather than durability and quality.
Original product is much expensive than fake goods.
Comparing the goods like – solar panel, batteries and torches replaced kerosene lamps.
PNG Power consumers shifted to low cost solar panels and lights.
I am appealing to the government to look at this issue.
PNG is not dumping zone.

Patrick Buru
Kular Bagarap, WHP