Counting for new province to start on weekend

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The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013


COUNTING for the local level government election in Jiwaka will start this weekend, provincial election manageress Rosie Pandi says.

She said polling at the four LLGs – North Waghi, Nondugl, Anglimp and South Waghi – had been completed.

Pandi said counting for Kol LLG in Jimi should be completed tomorrow. All ballot boxes will be returned before counting starts.

She said counting would take place at the Banz and Minj police stations for safety and convenience.

“We are in the process of moving the tents and other necessary equipment to the two counting venues,” Pandi said.

“Election in Jiwaka is peaceful but we have experienced a few hiccups that are normal in every election throughout the country.”