Country in a position to be declared failed state: O’Neill

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IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill says the country is now in a position to be declared a failed state.
O’Neill, nominated the alternative prime minister by the Opposition in a motion of no confidence motion filed on Wednesday, said if they formed a new Government, “our priority will be to rescue the country’s economy”.
Parliament was adjourned on Wednesday after 42 staff members tested positive for the Covid-19
The motion is likely to be lapsed when Parliament resumes on Aug 10 because it will be less than 12 months before the next general election, which according to the Constitution is not permissible.
O’Neill claimed that the economy had nose-dived since the Marape Government came into power.
“Our country’s economy is now in recession, and according to independent reports, the economy has declined by well over five per cent in the past two years.
“It is projected to decline further this year and beyond,” he said.
“They have signed all sorts of agreements but none of them will start until after 2022.
“They have signed an agreement for Papua LNG but nobody is working here. Only four people are running the office.
“They have signed an agreement with Barrick but nothing will start until next year.
“And for Wafi-Golpu, the agreements are all over the place.
“Then you look at Pasca.
“When you make unreasonable demands, the investor shuts down and leave.
“Twinza has just announced that they are leaving.
“These are investors with billions of kina and if you do not handle them well, they will go.
“Where will you get the money to develop projects?
“Now the Porgera issue will be more challenging.
“They have to renegotiate with landowners, fix all the machinery for mining, find more money because the cost will go up by about US$1 billion (K3.51bil).
“Where are we going to get the money to pay for our shares?
“It is quite challenging when you are inexperienced in managing such issues,” he added.

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  • According to the source Onill was right, our economy is stable since when the Marape government got the power. However I would like to thank Marape government for such a wise decision because he thinks about the future and not today only..

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