Country sitting on Covid time bomb, says Wingti

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THE country is “sitting on a time bomb”, which requires leaders to spread a “unified” message on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination, says Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti.
“Churches, leaders in communities and organisations must tell the truth and tell those closest and dearest to them to take the vaccination,” the former prime minister told Parliament.
“Leadership is important.
“The actions of a leader determine what society sees.
“If the actions of the leader are contrary, and they don’t do the right thing, society follows them.”
During a fiery debate in Parliament, Wingti reminded MPs to set the example by taking the vaccine themselves first.
“We have never been serious (about the Covid-19).
“Six months ago, no one took the topic seriously.
“I am glad the Prime Minister (James Marape) took the lead (on the) vaccination,” he said.
“Then we saw church leaders, leaders and others follow suit.”
He advised MPs to think wisely and stop asking the PM for money “because there is no money in the country”.
“Money will not fix the problem.
“The problem will be fixed by the change in mindset and attitude,” he said.
“Nothing else will change the way the Covid-19 is being spread.
“We need to change from the top.”