Couple backs Mt Hagen soccer club

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The National – Thursday, June 23, 2011

BINDO soccer club participating in the Melpa Football Association in Mt Hagen city, Western Highlands, received a full set uniform from the Hadessha Foundation.
Foundation founder Serah Sibona, a flight attendant with Airlines PNG and her husband Vali, a regional sales supervisor with Zenag, presented the uniforms during a training session on Monday afternoon at the Kimininga police barracks.
The couple had set up the foundation in honour of their elder daughter, the late Hadessha Sibona who passed  away last year due to hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid within the spaces inside the brain.
One of the objectives of the foundation is to help youths involved in sporting activities become professional players in future.
She was touched by watching the team play at Kimininga on Sunday without proper uniforms and informed her husband who decided to step in and help.
The couple will be making a similar presentation to a women’s soccer club at Kagamuga tomorrow.
Sibona said it was only a start and, hopefully, they would help more clubs in the future.
The uniforms valued for K700 will be used for the senior men’s, women’s and U23 divisions.
Senior men’s team captain Philip Apo said he was shocked when the couple turned up at the field to present the uniforms on Monday afternoon.
Apo said the team comprised police personnel’s children at the barracks.
He said the donation was a boost to the club who were performing well in the competition.
Apo said that he was confident that three divisions would make it to final.