Couple discovers Besta not as better

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The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IT is not the first time for this disgruntled couple to encounter something unusual with their can of tinned meat.
Steven and Melissa Ipai fronted up at The National’s reception yesterday to tell their story and also warn the public on what they should expect.
Steven told The National that his wife bought two cans of Besta tinned fish from a shop at Badili last Thursday  and opened them yesterday morning to a smelly surprise.
“The tinned fish smelt horrible and tasted very sour even though the expiry date clearly read July 2, 2013,” he said.
He said companies producing such products must be aware of the content and quality before they put it out on market.
Ipai, who is an employee of Trans Niugini Tours, said this was not the first time his family had faced with such misfortune.
“In 1998, I bought a can of braised steak and onion and found three foreign objects, which looked like lead inside the tin,” he said.
He urged all companies manufacturing these products to be careful because he claimed they could also cause health problems for customers.