Couple opens coffee shop, ‘bringing investment to Mendi’


PEOPLE of Southern Highlands can now enjoy a nice cuppa at the new coffee shop opened in Mendi by Serah Koi and husband Emmanuel Toll.
The couple said Mendi needed such investment to open other businesses such as a bakery or coffee shop.
Toll said some businesses had been forced to close because of lawlessness.
He said Mendi needed a bakery to supply pie, pizza and other different foodstuff which people travelled to Mt Hagen for.
“Looking at the risk and cost of travelling to Mt Hagen, me and my wife Serah decided to set up this coffee shop which provides everything from cakes to pizza,” Toll said.
“We can also provide breakfast, lunch and dinner or serve special orders for all clients.”
He said they could also supply guests at lodges and guest houses in Mendi.
“The aim is to restore business in Mendi so that people do not have to travel to Mt Hagen but spend their money in the province,” he said.
“As a Southern Highlander, I’m doing this so that people can change their mindsets.”
He said since the burning down of the aeroplane and other law and order-related issues, businesspeople had stopped investing in Mendi.

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