Couple return to tradition in hope of building solid relationship

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A VILLAGE in Morobe last Saturday witnessed a traditional wedding after so many years.
Luther Nom, 27, of Busong village, traditionally tied the knot with Dorah Kelo Nom, 20, from Busu village in Bukawa, Morobe.
The traditional wedding was revived after talks between the elders of the Busong and Busu villages who then organised the wedding.
Nom urged young people to let community leaders know about their relationships and marriage choice.
“In that way you’ll get support from all your families and community,” he said. “Community leaders will release you to live your own life. And if they disagree with your marriage choice, listen to them so your future life will be peaceful.”
He said that in traditional marriages, the couples have to seek the blessing of village elders first.
“In that way, adultery and polygamy can be avoided because the whole community and people know about you and your partner,” he said.
Luther is a cocoa wet bean buyer and fermentery drier. Dorah completed grade 8 last year. She promises to support her husband raise a family.
“I want to be an example for other young people so they can allow their family and community to fully support them in their marriage choices. Upholding customary values is important in today’s generation because of the moral decay in society,” Dorah said.