Couple steals K40,000 from landowner

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The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A prominent landowner from Central was robbed of K40,000 by a couple from Northern on Feb 7, after he was conned by them.
Kila Gabutu, from Vadavada village and a principle Motu-Koitabu landowner was told by couple, John Dickson and Patricia Dickson that they had gold in their possession and that they wanted to sell it to him.
According to police reports, the suspects after convincing the victim persuaded him to book a room at the Holiday Inn Hotel so that they could meet there secretly and trade. 
Police said the suspects then met with Gabutu and produced a fake gold bar weighing more than 25kg and Gabutu thinking it was real paid them K40,000 in cash.
Police said the complainant took the gold bar to his house and with the help of his relatives examined the gold bar and found out that the items were contraband and that he was cheated by the couple.
“The gold bar was a fake that contained wax and other metals and covered with light brownish colour making it look like a real gold bar,” police stated in their brief.
When realising that he was conned, Gabutu immediately reported the matter to police and with the help of Central traffic highway patrol, the suspects were located in a guest house and apprehended.
Only K27,000 was retrieved from the couple while another K4,000 was retrieved from the guest house (K2,000) and from a taxi driver (K2,000) after the couple admitted to paying the subjects for their services.