Couple want case dismissed

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

A COUPLE charged with allegedly stealing K159,000 belonging to Kikori Oil Pipeline Landowners’ association have applied for dismissal.
Their lawyer argued in the district court last Friday that the charge was defective because police information did not detail how each of them was involved in the alleged fraud, and the initial complaint to police was that the couple stole K119,000.
It was alleged that wife Edau Kibere and husband Karimo Kibere stole money from the landowners’ association account held at the ANZ Bank in Boroko on August 27, 2009.
Their lawyer told magistrate Cosmas Bidar that after consultation with the landowners, it was established that the couple were authorised to cash K40,000.
He said if that was the case, the couple were liable to answer for the remainder of the money.
The lawyer also said the complaint to police was related to differences in the chairmanship of the landowners’ association against accused Karimo Kibere.