Couples: Marriage best protection against infidelity

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 SIX couples who recently had their marriages blessed in church say it is the best protection against infidelity, a problem affecting many families.

The couples are Lieutenant Morris and Emma Kumaru, Peter and Miriam Myers, Sovi and Kisak Yari, Malcolm and Jane Audari, Steven and Christine Sovi and Moses and Bridgette Ipmawara.

They had their marriages blessed before they signed a covenant with God last Sunday at the Salvation Army Tent City church in Lae.

The couples made interesting testimonies to around 60 members of the congregation and family members.

Audari, a youth leader in the church, has been with wife Jane for just 10 months. He said the marriage blessing had strengthened their love and faithfulness to each other as young couples were always faced with temptations.

It was a family affair for Sovi Yari who was married traditionally decades ago to wife Kisak. 

They joined their son Steven Sovi taking part in the ceremony with wife Christine.

Steven said having a marriage outside of the church had many problems.

“When we are married in church, God will guide this partnership away from problems and will bless it,” he said.

Yari explained that despite having adult children and grandchildren already, he was pleased to know that his marriage had been finally recognised by God.

The Kumarus, who are the pastors in the Tent City church and whose eldest daughter is doing Grade 10, said they wanted to make their marriage official in the eyes of God.