Course leaves Lae to give village youths life skills


ABOUT 119 youths from Busamang village in Salamaua local level government went through two-weeks of life skills training facilitated by Ginigoada.
The youths graduated with certificates and references on Friday. It was the first time since 2014 that Ginigoada had taken the life skills course outside Lae.
The 119 including a school chaplain. Two grade 8 students learnt basic skills training in the areas of cultural diversity, conflict resolution, occupational health and hygiene, basic business awareness, costing and pricing, cash book and cash flow.
Facilitator Ricky Sagu told the youths that Ginigoada in motuan language means to stand firm
and in pidgin-English it is sanap strong. “The purpose of Ginigoada is that we visit communities and teach them basic life skills, encouraging young people as developments is taking place,” Sagu said.
“As development is taking place we cannot live the way we have been living but move along with the development. This programme is for Lae district, but through Jaydem Tomala, who was eager to see the programme brought to the village, arranged with us to see it eventuate.”
He said the training was in two components, with first about basic life skills that could be used in the village or community and then out to the workplace while the
second phase was on basic business skills.
Morobe executive council fisheries chairman Philemon Tomala encouraged the youths to make use of what they learnt.
Tomala said it was the first for the Ginigoada programme to be introduced in the village. And he wants to see more of the Ginigoada programmes run in Salamaua.
“This invitation is for Salamaua LLG, and that we in the LLG and Ginigoada can all work together to get Salamaua to the next level with the programmes you have,” said Tomala.
Tomala thanked Ginigoada for the training which was funded through Australian Aid to upskill young people.
“Thankyou Ginigoada, AusAid, Jayden, and others who have contributed one way or the other to make these program’s successful to reach Busamang village,” Tomala said

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