Courses duration increased

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THE National Research Institute will be running courses in Diploma in Economic Policy Analysis for eight weeks instead of six, says council chairman Wilson Thompson.
The institute has been running the course since 1989.
It will be run by staff and invited guest lecturers.
It is a sought-after programme due to the absence of postgraduate courses in economics and public policy in the country. Spaces are competitive and are limited to 25 students each year.
In 2017, the institute council expanded the programme to include an additional special class bringing in persons employed as research officer, policy officer, first secretary and executive officers of Members of Parliament, vice-ministers, ministers and shadow ministers. The special class began in 2017. The council approved the sponsorship of 25 participants.
This year it comprises representatives of the Peoples Party, Peoples National Congress, Pangu Pati, Country Party, Peoples Progress party, Peoples Movement for Change Party, Office of the Prime Minister, Departments of Communication and Energy, National Planning and Monitoring, National Housing Corporation, National Broadcasting Corporation , NCDC and Oil Palm Industry Corporation and Registry of Political Parties.
Members of the constabulary will also participate.
Thompson said five officers from the constabulary engaged in investigations, policy and research and administration at police headquarters were selected to undertake the programme.

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