Court defers ruling on K4m compo conspiracy

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

A court deferred ruling on a case involving two men charged over land compensation of K4 million yesterday because one of them was absent.
Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar told Iki Dowan, who was present, that since the case covered him and his accomplice Paul Emba, both had to be present for a ruling.
Dowan and Emba were charged with conspiracy to claim K4million as compensation for land on which a school was built. It was alleged that Dowan claimed to be the landowner.
Their lawyer Tipi Tape told the court that Emba was sick and attended a medical review.
Bidar said he would not make the ruling with only one defendant because it would not be appropriate.
“Otherwise, if we proceed to make a ruling today, we might repeat the same process for Emba when he returns,” Bidar said.
The court expects the two defendants to return on July 25 for a possible ruling.