Court discharges businessman

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

A Bangladeshi businessman facing charges of making documents without authority and fraudulent representation was freed by the Waigani Committal Court yesterday.
Magistrate Cosmas Bidar said the charges were “fundamentally flawed”.
He dismissed the charges against Bhuiyan Enterprise Ltd owner Gias Uddin Bhuiyan, 37, and ordered that he be refunded his K2000 bail money and his passport returned by police.
However, Bidar told the accused that he could be sued on another charge for failing to fully pay an amount agreed in a contract of sale.
Bhuiyan was alleged to have fraudulently changed Investment Promotions Authority (IPA)  documents in the name of Ram Auto Dealers Ltd without the authority of its shareholder and director Ajith Kumarasinghe between April and September last year.