Court discharges men

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

THE Bomana Committal Court dismissed two robbery cases on Friday after police failed to produce the case files in three months.
Arresting officers failed to present a report in a case against Rueben Thomas, 24, from Enga, and Mike Kuman, 36, from Chimbu. They were alleged to have broken into City Pharmacy at the Boroko Shopping Centre in NCD on March 27 and stolen almost K10,000 in cash and other valuable items.
Police alleged that the two were “caught in the act by security guards and police”.
Magistrate Cosmas Bidar struck out the case after the court found that more three months had passed without any information from the arresting officers.
Bidar told the court that police never issued a file to the defendants.
A police brief said that between 3am and 4am on March 27, the defendants were caught “red-handed” by officers from Corps security and the police. It was claimed that the defendants used a screw driver and a pinch bar to force their entry into the manager’s office and stole almost K10,000 in cash, 20 mobile phones and 250 sim cards. The police brief said the accused were caught inside the premises with the stolen properties.