Court dismisses case for lack of evidence provided by police

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

A false pretence case involving more than K30,000 was struck out by the Waigani Committal Court for lack of evidence provided by the police prosecutor.
Magistrate Cosmas Bidar struck out the charge against Alois Kimo, who was alleged to have obtained more than K30,000 from Jamie Maxtone- Graham.
Bidar explained that the case was dismissed because there is no latest information on the progress of the investigation.
Bidar added that there is also no instructions from the arresting officer, taking into account that three months is sufficient to lay files before the court since it is a secondary offence.
He said the accused first appeared before the court on February 11 and his second mention was on February 17.
He ordered that the accused be refunded his K1000 bail.