Court dismisses case against Tkatchenko


The Waigani National Court has dismissed an election petition filed by losing candidate Samson Kirilyo against Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko.
The court upheld Tkatchenko’s objection to competency and dismissed the petition in its entirety.
The court refused the electoral commission’s objection to competency of the petition.
Kirilyo was ordered to pay Tkatchenko’s costs. The court also ordered the electoral commission to pay Kirilyo’s costs.
The court found that Kirilyo’s petition failed to comply with rule 4 and form 1 of the election petition rules of 2017.
The court found that the petition failed to meet the requirements of Section 208 (d) of the organic law on national and local level government elections.
Justice David Cannings told the court that the petition was dismissed for that reason alone.
Tkatchenko thanked his supporters for the support during the court proceedings and  promised to provide vital services over the next five years.
“Now that this petition is gone, we will continue with the job without interference or petty politics,” Tkatchenko said.
“I am here to serve the people of Moresby-South and not to worry about other people’s personal interest.”